Unused DEBUG_CLASSFILES variable in makefiles

Omair Majid omajid at redhat.com
Tue Nov 18 16:57:32 UTC 2014

* Magnus Ihse Bursie <magnus.ihse.bursie at oracle.com> [2014-10-13 07:49]:
> On 2014-10-13 10:57, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> >I think it's still used by the hotspot makefiles (sa-jdi.jar). Seems weird
> >that we still set it in configure but then ignore the value in the jdk
> >build. I would vote for resurrecting the option.
> [...]
> >I'm not sure if even more debug levels is the right way to go. It seems
> >hard to name and that probably means it will be hard to understand.
> >Perhaps completely separating native debug level and java debug level
> >would make more sense?
> I'm not sure "resurrecting" (which actually means adding functionality which
> has been gone for quite some time now) is good, since it adds to the
> complexity.

Well, we do need the debug information, but I am not at all tied to
specific implementation. I would be happy to try and implement something
that takes a different approach than resurrecting the feature.

> However, there have been recurring requests of having more control of debug
> vs release builds, and I think we need to address them in some way.

Any suggestions for a suitable implementation?

> As you
> say, one dimension is asking wether java or native (or both) should be
> compiled as debug. Another typical request is to separate hotspot debug
> level from the rest of the JDK (this goes both ways). Also, debugging can
> come in several "levels", depending on what tradeoff between
> speed/similarity to release vs amount of debug support you need.

>From the point of Linux distributions, we traditionally use the maximum
debugging information that we can get with the minimal performance
impact. In Fedora, we have used 'release' builds but with debugging
enabled everywhere (hotspot, java files and other native code in the

> Maybe it should be possible to set debugging level per module?

IMO, that might be too fine-grained, but I don't really have any
objections against it.


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