serialize the reconfigure target ?

David Holmes david.holmes at
Thu Sep 4 10:26:59 UTC 2014

Hi Dave,

On 4/09/2014 7:59 PM, pointo1d wrote:
> Hi again David ,
> On 04/09/14 04:38, David Holmes wrote:
>> I naively assumed this would work:
>> make reconfigure images
>> There should be a way to serialize the top-level set of targets
>> without serializing all the sub-targets. That way this would work, as
>> would:
>> make clean-foo foo
>> which is something I (used to!) use a lot.
>> And while I'm still complaining about the parallel activity the build
>> logs truly are a mess that needs to be fixed. In particular finding
>> build failures is now quite a challenge. :(
>> Cheers,
>> David
> I've just discovered this page in the gmake manual -
> - or does this not address the problem ?

This option has been flagged by the build folk. The problem is that it 
is limited to specific make versions and AFAIK we do not yet use/support 
that in our various build systems. So while I can potentially use this 
for my own builds, most of the logs I have to descramble are coming from 


> Rgds ,

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