serialize the reconfigure target ?

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Fri Sep 5 10:52:56 UTC 2014

Hiya Magnus ,

On 05/09/14 10:57, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
> On 2014-09-04 11:24, pointo1d wrote:
>> I thought that the build log question rang a bell reasonably loudly - 
>> I would suspect that this CM Crossroads posting 
>> ( might 
>> be of some use ... 
> That was actually an interesting idea. It could be worth adding to the 
> build system. However, adding an extra exec for all commands has a 
> performance penalty, especially on Windows. (I'm not also sure how 
> well the lock semantics are respected on cygwin.)

If the semantics are the problem, then would it not be possible to 
introduce new source, including platform specifics (as per the rest of 
the forest), into the root repo ... or even re-implement the posited 
solution (or something similar) in ksh/bash - utilising the standard 
noclobber shell option provided therein ?

> So, we could probably not make such a solution default, and then it 
> really won't help David's problem: that people are sending him the 
> build logs post-factum and hoping he can distangle them.

Aha, the enormity of the problem faced by David wasn't clear - I have to 
admit that identifying all of the possible failure cases and thus 
automation thereof, is a problem ;-/

> /Magnus

Rgds ,

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