How to CompileNativeLibraries (for 8u40) in custom/closed repository

David Holmes david.holmes at
Mon Sep 8 01:43:47 UTC 2014

On 6/09/2014 4:08 AM, roger riggs wrote:
> Hi,
> For 8u40...
> There should be a hook from the open CompileNativeLibraries to a
> corresponding
> makefile in the custom/closed repository to allow build instructions to
> be in the right place.
> I think all it takes is to add a conditional include;  is there a better
> way?
> Webrev @
> If that's a good/sufficient way, I'll make a bug and cleanup the webrev.

That is the way we generally do it.

Note that we did not go through and place these hooks in every open file 
because you don't know a-priori whether the placement needs to be at the 
start or at the end - and you can't easily account for both. So these 
tend to get added when a new customization need arises.


> Thanks,  Roger

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