Build failures on OS X 10.9.3

David DeHaven david.dehaven at
Wed Sep 24 23:15:33 UTC 2014

>>> I suspect it'll be easier to just install gcc on your mac. The last time I
>>> checked openjdk 8 didn't compile correctly with clang, so you might also
>>> have to patch the source code as well as the autoconf scripts.
>> So Apple are now shipping a compiler by default, but it's clang, which
>> they've aliased to gcc, despite the fact that the binaries differ?
>> So all the standard hacks from earlier OS versions where you test for
>> the presence of certain binaries to see whether devtools are installed
>> are now bust?
>> Well, isn't that ... lovely?
>> I'd be intruigued to know whether OpenJDK 9 will build with Clang, as
>> the autoconf seems happy with the behaviour of "gcc". I might install
>> the TrueType headers and see how far that gets.
> OpenJDK 9 is supposed to compile properly with clang on macosx. Configure will auto-select clang if your Xcode version is >= N, for some number of N (I suspect 5, but I'm not sure).

Correct, Xcode >= 5 will select clang as the compiler.

Does Freetype detection use pkg-config? I've never had an issue building OpenJDK with MacPorts' Freetype installed.


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