RFR: JDK-8073634: Improve clean targets

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at oracle.com
Thu Apr 9 14:07:55 UTC 2015

On 2015-04-08 11:18, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> Hello,
> New webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~erikj/8073634/webrev.02/

Looks good to me now.

> On 2015-04-07 13:26, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
>> In general it looks good. I have a couple of remarks, though.
>> 1) In Clean-docs, you do:
>> +        $(RM) -r $(SUPPORT_OUTPUTDIR)/docs
>> +        $(RM) -r $(IMAGES_OUTPUTDIR)/docs
>> I'm not quite certain cleaning images/docs the right thing to do. For 
>> all other clean targets, we only clean the support part. If we want 
>> to clean images, we run clean-images. And if you think this is the 
>> right thing to do for images, wouldn't it then also be the right 
>> thing for e.g. java.base-native? And then things quickly become 
>> complicated.
> The docs target generates docs directly into images. The directory in 
> support is for temporary/intermediate files. Building to support and 
> then just copy it all over to images seems like a waste of both time 
> and disk space. Also note that the clean targets aren't mutually 
> exclusive today. You can for example do clean-support or you can do 
> clean-java.base.


>> 2) The new configure-support, as well as the rather new make-support 
>> seems to be a bit unfairly treated. There is a MAKESUPPORT_OUTPUTDIR 
>> in spec.gmk but it's hardcoded there, so you can't use it in 
>> configure, e.g. in your changes in build-performance.m4. The new 
>> configure-support does not even have a corresponding 
>> CONFIGURESUPPORT_OUTPUTDIR in the spec.gmk. Instead, it has a 
>> variable CONFIGURE_SUPPORT that is present only in the configure files.
>> I'm not sure how much, if anything, of these inconsistencies that 
>> should be fixed now. But I'd suggest that you rename 
> Renamed to CONFIGURESUPPORT_OUTPUTDIR and put it in spec. Removed 
> reference to make-support in configure and put the single use directly 
> in spec.gmk.in instead. There is no need for configure to know about 
> the sjavacservers dir. Changed dist-clean in Main.gmk to use the 


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