Implicit make target for BUILD_GENMODULESLIST ?

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Mon Apr 13 13:32:28 UTC 2015


Previously that happened without anything showing. I thought that was 
wrong so when Magnus rewrote the bootstrapping logic, I encouraged him 
to have that show so that it was clear that something happened. Also, it 
makes it easier to debug if something goes wrong there.

The reason that is being built is that we need that tool to calculate 
the modules and their dependencies, which is used to calculate the valid 
make targets. We are hoping to be able to calculate this without the 
need for a java tool later in JDK 9, but for now, the information is in 
modules.xml so a java tool is just the simplest solution.

If you are curious as to how this happens, the logic is in 
make/common/Modules.gmk. That file both includes module-deps.gmk and 
provides a rule for how to build it. When make sees that, it will try to 
build it, then restart and include it. It won't know that you provided 
an invalid target until this has happened.


On 2015-04-13 08:52, David Holmes wrote:
> If I create a new configuration and then run make for a non-existent 
> target:
> make not_a_target
> It still shows:
> Compiling 5 files for BUILD_GENMODULESLIST
> Why? If I don't give a valid make target then nothing should happen.
> David

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