Request for guidance on using possible future sets of javac options

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Fri Feb 6 08:03:04 UTC 2015

Hello Joe,

The simplest way of accomplishing this currently would be to add lines 
like this to make/CompileJavaModules.gmk:

java.base_ADD_JAVAC_FLAGS := -Xdoclint:all/protected 
java.desktop_ADD_JAVAC_FLAGS := -Xdoclint:all,-missing/protected 

This assuming those modules are already setup to using -Xlint:all 
-Werror in make/common/SetupJavacompilers.gmk, which should be true for 
at least those two.

Is the separator ';' actually a path separator or always semi colon? If 
so, please use $(PATH_SEP). Also, a line containing a potential semi 
colon must always be quoted before given to the shell.


On 2015-02-06 02:19, Joseph D. Darcy wrote:
> Hello,
> As a continuation of the warnings effort, I'd like to see doclint 
> checking selectively enabled during the main build of the Java sources 
> in the jdk repo by javac.
> As the name implies, the javac "-Xdoclint" argument enables structural 
> checking of javadoc comments by javac. For the java.* and javax.* 
> classes in the jdk repo which go into the Java SE docs bundle, many of 
> them have already been cleared of doclint warnings; in awt and swing, 
> about 1500 public or protected declarations are missing doc comments.
> Work is underway to provide a package (or module filter) on where 
> doclint is applied (JDK-8071851:
> Provide filtering of doclint checking based on packages). Once that 
> functionality is available, I'd like to compile modules like java.base 
> with
>     -Xlint:all -Werror -Xdoclint:all/protected 
> -XdoclintPackage:java.*;javax.*
> and modules like java.desktop with
>     -Xlint:all -Werror -Xdoclint:all,-missing/protected 
> -XdoclintPackage:java.*;javax.*
> Is there a suggested way to modify make/common/SetupJavaCompilers.gmk 
> and other files to most easily accomplish this?
> Thanks,
> -Joe

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