Fwd: Re: RFR(xxs): 8072935: Fix missing newline at end of file after 8067447

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 13:27:29 UTC 2015


I don't think we should enforce a minimum Version for GCC (actually we
would have to enforce an exact version because the master builds at
Oracle are only tested with exactly one compiler version - see

Different users have different requirements and if somebody for some
reason has to use an older/newer version of GCC we shouldn't make that
unnecessarily hard. But issuing a warning during the configure step
would be fine for me.

I think that compiling a project with different compilers or different
versions of a compiler is a very good overall health check. In this
case we detected a file without new-line at the end of files. I think
everybody agrees this is something we do not want to have, no
difference if it is objected by the official build tools.

I'd like to propose a new test in jcheck instead which checks for this


On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 1:49 PM, Erik Joelsson <erik.joelsson at oracle.com> wrote:
> We don't have a minimum version currently. I agree that it would be a good
> idea, but if we define one, wouldn't we also need to take responsibility of
> testing that it keeps working?
> /Erik
> On 2015-02-12 12:58, David Holmes wrote:
>> Please see attached - do we have a minimum gcc version set in configure?
>> If not, should we? I would think yes.
>> David

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