Building openjdk 8 on Mac OS X

David DeHaven david.dehaven at
Wed Jan 7 03:36:26 UTC 2015

>> Yes, I just found this out the hard way yesterday (and many other patches are required too).
>> Is there any chance OS X fixes can make it upstream?
> This basically requires backporting JDK-8043340 to jdk8u, which I've been poking at here and there but have not had the time to really tackle it.

I started looking into this a bit, since I find myself needing to build 8u and cannot switch back to a 10.7 system to do so...

The hotspot and jdk patches are pretty close to 1:1, only a few minor differences. The base patch is completely different due to the lack of --with-sysroot and --with-toolchain* options that are now in JDK 9. Thankfully I did all this before the massive shuffle last summer. I think I'll simplify this to rely on --with-tools-dir, if specified it will set the necessary flags to build from an SDK based on that path (using the xcodebuild tool to find SDKs). This should be fairly foolproof and not add too much to the build process, though you will need Xcode 4.5+ installed since we can only build JDK 8 with gcc.

So far I have "make images" working, but have some other things to fix before I can submit a patch set.


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