JDK9 Jake build using Xbootclasspath/p

Richard Marks richard.marks at oracle.com
Wed Jan 21 23:44:46 UTC 2015

Hi Build Team,

Mandy suggested I email to build-dev to ask questions about the jdk9 
build/makefile issues I may have with Parfait integration.

Parfait requires the build to be done with the boot jdk as the same 
version, and at the moment Jake with a Jake boot fails with an error 
message stating bootclasspath/p deprecated.  I have a work around for 
myself so I can get the build going and work on the parfait components.

Can you please tell me when they are expected to be removed, so I can 
know how long I will have to have the workaround in our code base?

Richard Marks
Parfait Development Team.

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