how to strip builder username from

Medi Montaseri medi.montaseri at
Tue Jul 7 21:16:12 UTC 2015


I build openjdk from source on Debian and CentOs.
All is well, except we noted that lib/amd64/server/ has got a trace of the builder as in

mmontaseri at shiraz:/tmp/ramesh2> strings lib/amd64/server/ | grep 'built on'
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (25.20-b23) for linux-amd64 JRE (1.8.0-jdk8u20-b26-20141204-HDS-193206), built on Dec  4 2014 19:35:25 by "mmontaseri" with gcc 4.7.2

Is there anyway to strip builder's id "mmontaseri". Tomcat is writing that to its log, hence publicly visable.

Here is portion of build script

    my $cmd = 'bash ./configure ';
    $cmd .= ' --disable-headful';
    $cmd .= ' --with-user-release-suffix=HDS';
    $cmd .= ' --with-build-number=' . $this->getBuildNumber();
    $cmd .= ' --disable-debug-symbols';
    $cmd .= ' --disable-zip-debug-info';
    $cmd .= ' --with-milestone=' . $mileStone;
    $cmd .= " --with-jtreg=$jtHome";     # eg. /opt/jtreg/jtreg4.1-b07
    $cmd .= " --with-boot-jdk=$bootJDK"; # eg. /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64
    $cmd .= " --prefix=$installDir";
    print "Running [$cmd]...\n";


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