Freetype enabled in, yes still not used

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Thu Dec 15 12:28:27 UTC 2016


Your attached png files are automatically filtered by the mailing list 
server so I can't see them. You will need to host them somewhere and 
link if we are to see them.

AFAIK, we can't build OpenJDK on Linux without freetype so the claim 
that freetype is not used seems weird. I know for sure that it's used at 
build time at least. For questions on how the graphics works, I think 
2d-dev is the correct mailing list. I think that's where you need to 
continue your investigation.


On 2016-12-15 13:10, Artur Rataj wrote:
> Hello.
> The default OpenJDK in Ubuntu does not seem to use Freetype (see the
> attached a.png, b.png). Yet I know that it is possible that OpenJDK uses
> freetype because Android Studio is distributed with one (see c.png).
> I want Freetype, and thus I attempted to compile the newest stable OpenJDK
> from source.
> bash ./configure --with-freetype=../freetype --with-cups=/usr/include/cups
> --with-x=/usr/include/X11/extensions --with-jvm-variants=server
> --with-target-bits=64 --with-debug-level=release`
> checking if we can compile and link with freetype... yes
> checking if we should bundle freetype... yes
> A simple test of running Netbeans with the resulting JDK shows, that
> freetype is still not used, though. The same Netbeans ran using the Android
> Studio-provided JDK does use Freetype (again, c.png).
> I would thus like to ask you how to build OpenJDK so that it actually uses
> Freetype by default?
> Best regards,
> Artur

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