Freetype enabled in, yes still not used

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Thu Dec 15 13:22:01 UTC 2016

On 2016-12-15 14:16, Artur Rataj wrote:
> By the way, are you shure that 2d-dev is the correct mailing list? Isn't
> Java2D rendering the glyph data as any other shape, i.e. a font rasterizer
> is not used?
No I'm not sure since I don't work in the client area, but at least the 
people there will know where this discussion belongs. I can tell you 
with certainty that build-dev is not the correct list.

> Anyway, it seems that OpenJDK for Linux is shipped with an inferior font
> rendering by default, and that at the same time there is a number of
> patches around which attempt to improve this. Sometimes applied by distro
> packagers, more often not. Android-studio possibly uses a variant with such
> a patch applied. Perhaps this one, I have
> no idea.
> But, why aren't these patches integrated into OpenJDK, if the problem
> persists for years already?

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