Freetype enabled in, yes still not used

Phil Race philip.race at
Thu Dec 15 22:58:06 UTC 2016

On 12/15/2016 05:16 AM, Artur Rataj wrote:
> By the way, are you shure that 2d-dev is the correct mailing list?

yes it is.
>   Isn't
> Java2D rendering the glyph data as any other shape, i.e. a font rasterizer
> is not used?
wrong. Java 2D uses a font rasteriser.
> Anyway, it seems that OpenJDK for Linux is shipped with an inferior font
> rendering by default, and that at the same time there is a number of
> patches around which attempt to improve this. Sometimes applied by distro
> packagers, more often not. Android-studio possibly uses a variant with such
> a patch applied. Perhaps this one, I have
> no idea.
> But, why aren't these patches integrated into OpenJDK, if the problem
> persists for years already?
openjdk builds from Ubuntu will use the installed platform rasteriser 
This looks like a font that is not well hinted.
If some client then ignores the hints (maybe android studio is doing that)
then it would not be susceptible.
Anyway as Erik says this is NOT the right list so I'll stop there.


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