RFR: 8149594 - Clean up Hotspot makefiles

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Wed Feb 10 22:34:56 UTC 2016

Den 10/2/16 kl. 21:31, skrev Jesper Wilhelmsson:
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8149594
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jwilhelm/8149594/webrev.00/

I might have preferred two webrevs, one of only whitespace changes and
one of other changes.

 172 TARGETS              = debug fastdebug optimized product

If there's a non-whitespace change (increasing the separation between
the variables and the "=" or "+="), I couldn't find it.  I'm guessing
this is being done because the planned later changes introduce
something in here that leads to that reformatting?

 278     WARNING_FLAGS += -Wconversion

Oh, cool!  So we haven't been using that option after all!

Note: This is a "real change" that wasn't mentioned in the RFR.

I've been meaning to file a bug report against this for a while.  The
pre-gcc4.3 version of -Wconversion probably ought not be used in a
production context anyway.

The old behavior for -Wconversion was intended to aid translation of
old C code to modern C standards by identifying places where adding
function prototypes may result in different behavior.  That's just not
an issue for C++, nor for our code in general.

And we're not prepared to use the new -Wconversion; see JDK-8135181.

So rather than changing our builds to actually use this option with
old compilers that Oracle doesn't support (so we can't locally test
this change), I suggest removing the option entirely, since it hasn't
actually been used anyway.


The only non-copyright change in these files seem to be the addition
of a blank line to the end of the file.

  88 vm_build_preliminaries:  checks $(Cached_plat) $(AD_Files_If_Required) trace_stuff jvmti_stuff dtrace_stuff

What is the point of re-ordering trace_stuff and jvmti_stuff?

Also, elsewhere the whitespace after the target's ":" is minimized,
but not here.


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