question on jigsaw build

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Mon Jan 25 12:43:21 UTC 2016

the current build system in JDK 9 has a way to recover all the source 
dirs for a given module, by doing something like this:

$(call ALL_SRC_DIRS,$(mod))

That is, the build system exports a function that can be passed a module 
name and will return all the source roots for the module with that name.

This is an extremely helpful piece of functionality when building things 
like IDE support - as one can leverage the knowledge of the build system 
in order to put together an IDE projects with the right paths in it, 
regardless of the OS and ARCH (details which are all taken care of by 
the build itself).

I see that this functionality is now removed from the current jigsaw 
build - which instead declares a sequence of (dynamically defined) 
targets to compile a module with name xyz; as a result, the variables 
containing the source roots for xyz are not exported anymore, thus 
severely impacting usability from 3rd party build tools.

What is the plan in this direction? Is there any talks about having the 
build system export a pseudo API for querying variables (source roots, 
generated sources, output dirs) for a given module w/o compiling them?


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