[rfc] Avoid failure when compiler is wrapped.

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at redhat.com
Mon Jan 25 20:38:58 UTC 2016

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> Hello!
> When compiler is wrapped, the configure phase of build fails:
> [...]
> checking for gcc... /usr/lib64/cscppc/gcc
> configure: Resolving CC (as /usr/lib64/cscppc/gcc) failed, using
> /usr/lib64/cscppc/gcc directly.
> checking resolved symbolic links for CC... /usr/bin/cscppc
> checking if CC is disguised ccache... no, keeping CC
> configure: The C compiler (located as /usr/bin/cscppc) does not seem to be
> the required GCC compiler.
> configure: The result from running with --version was: "Usage:"
> configure: error: GCC compiler is required. Try setting --with-tools-dir.
> configure exiting with result code 1
>  From time to time I'm building RPMS for fedora  with wrapped compiler to be
>  able to investigate C
> code changes. Added is patch, which is allowing to walk around the issue.
> I'm wondering if this is still desired behaviour. or if it can be better
> iff-ed out to be by default
> on, but eg only disablef on AIX.
> CCed is Andrew, who is facing similar issue on Gentoo.
>    Thanx!
>    J.

The Gentoo issue was different; it's related to distcc failing the version
test, rather than symlink issues.

I think this block should be removed, not just comment out, if not needed.
But first, I think we need to know why the dereferencing is there.
Can someone at Oracle shed some light on this?

Andrew :)

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