using openjdk for JamVM how to

David Holmes david.holmes at
Thu Oct 20 06:37:06 UTC 2016

On 20/10/2016 3:57 PM, Diaz Soho wrote:
> Hi all,
> Originally , I use GNU Classpath for JamVM when  I run my Java
> application. But my Java application need new classpath like Java(TM)
> SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_91-b14).
> My java application maynot workable with GNU Classpath. I would like
> to use openjdk for that.
> I use the command to run my java application on my embedded platform:
> jamvm -verbose -Xbootclasspath:/usr/share/jamvm/classes:/usr/share/classpath
> -jar ./my_java_app.jar
> Does anyone have idea:
> if I would like to use openjdk to do the same thing above, is it possible?
> then how to get workable if possible?

This is a question for the JamVM folk. They seem to support OpenJDK now:


> Thanks!
> Best Regards,
> DiazSoho

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