RFR: JDK-8165161 Solaris: /usr/ccs /opt/sfw and /opt/csw are dead, references should be expunged

Alan Burlison Alan.Burlison at oracle.com
Thu Sep 1 13:42:44 UTC 2016

On 01/09/2016 14:29, Erik Joelsson wrote:

> It doesn't look like the changes in README-builds.md match
> README-builds.html exactly. Did you regenerate the html version using
> markdown (see common/bin/update-build-readme.sh)?

Same here as for JDK-8165163 - I'll do that and respin the webrev

> The rest of the autoconf and makefile changes look ok to me.
> For the changes in other areas, you will need to send the review to each
> team. Not sure who owns what file here, but core-libs should probably
> cover most of it.

OK, I'll start there - thanks.

Alan Burlison

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