Query on developing OpenJDK with IntelliJ

Jonathan Bluett-Duncan jbluettduncan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 15:11:25 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I have a question regarding setting up a particular aspect of my
development environment for OpenJDK, and I wonder if this is the right
mailing list for me to post such questions.

When I open my local clone of the JDK 9 codebase as a project in IntelliJ
Ultimate 2016.2, there are a number of places where IntelliJ gets confused
and shows red squiggles underneath lines of code that exist in JDK 9 but
not JDK 8. I think this is happening for a couple of reasons.

   1. My IntelliJ project is currently setup to use my machine's installed
   JDK 8 distribution as it's Java SDK (as it should be, to the best of my
   2. When my IntelliJ encounters java.* classes, it refers to the java.*
   classes in my installed JDK 8 rather than those in my JDK 9 project.

I want to "tell" IntelliJ to use the JDK 9 java.* classes in my project,
rather than those in my installed JDK 8, so that these red squiggles are
eliminated, and I wonder if anyone here has come across a solution for
doing so.

If my query is not appropriate for this list, would you kindly let me know
which list I should contact instead?

Kind regards,

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