RFR: JDK-8166948: Exploded image too slow to be usable

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Fri Sep 30 09:47:14 UTC 2016

On 30/09/2016 10:43, Chris Hegarty wrote:

> Ooh, this is quite clever, levering the already computed packages
> list from the running VM to add the packages attribute to the module
> info.  One minor concern ( which I think should be ok ) is the
> updating of the module-info.class files of the running VM. ( I
> think this is ok, as these files should be read once at start up.
It's okay because there is nothing else accessing them when this tool is 

> Additionally, do you want to run with --add-modules java.se.ee to
> include the 6 "EE" modules?
Not needed as the tool adds the class file attribute to every 
module-info.class in jdk/modules/*.


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