Building hsdis?

Ted Neward ted at
Tue Dec 19 22:13:19 UTC 2017

Hey, all. Been trying for a day and a half now to build the hsdis disassembly plugin in jdk/src/utils/hsdis, with no luck. (Tried first off of the JDK8u source, then tried again with the JDK source, no love either way.)


Is there a definitive page (wiki, blog, etc) that describes how to build hsdis on different platforms? I’m trying right now in an Ubuntu 16 VM, but would also want to build on Windows and/or macOS. All the Web is showing me is posts from a few years ago that don’t seem to address some of the issues I’m running into.


I can copy build output if it’ll help, but wanted to go do my homework before doing that. :-)


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