RFR [XS] : jspawnhelper build settings cleanup

Baesken, Matthias matthias.baesken at sap.com
Thu Feb 9 08:53:11 UTC 2017

Hi Erik,  after your comments,  I created a new webrev  , please review :


>You are correct that JEXEC is suffering from many of the same issues. You are very welcome to fix that too, in this or another bug.

I think this should go into another bug.

Thanks and best regards, Matthias

From: Erik Joelsson [mailto:erik.joelsson at oracle.com]
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Subject: Re: RFR [XS] : jspawnhelper build settings cleanup

Hello Matthias,

Thanks for taking this on!

You can still remove "INCLUDE_FILES := jspawnhelper.c".

Another thing that struck me when looking at this is the inconsistency of sometimes using $(MODULE) and sometimes explicitly using java.base in the paths. I think $(MODULE) is better in this context.

Finally you could adopt the newer formatting style of using a space after comma at line 139 and end the eval-call with ', \' after the last argument and the double parenthesis on a new line on its own.
You are correct that JEXEC is suffering from many of the same issues. You are very welcome to fix that too, in this or another bug.

On 2017-02-08 09:00, Baesken, Matthias wrote:
Hello all ,

Erik suggested to do further cleanups in  make/launcher/Launcher-java.base.gmk
 In the  jspawnhelper build section.

Those were the suggestions :



variables aren't conditionally changed anywhere, there is really no need

for the indirection.

* The whole business of "BUILD_JSPAWNHELPER_LDFLAGS +=

$(COMPILER_TARGET_BITS_FLAG)64" is confusing to me. Don't we trust the

compiler for a 64 bit target to produce a 64 bit binary given the

standard CFLAGS_JDKEXE and LDFLAGS_JDKLIB? I suspect this is just very

old and confused code

* The src dir only has the one src file, no need to explicitly list it

for include.

* The adding of childproc.o to LIBS can be accomplished using the

parameter EXTRA_OBJECT_FILES. By using that you automatically get the

dependency declaration so you can remove the line


* The ifeq ($(BUILD_JSPAWNHELPER), 1) is also annoying, just move the

single conditional into it's place.

I prepared a webrev for  this.

I checked that  the  generated executable is still 64bit on AIX/Solaris/Mac-OSX  (however  the  -m64 seems to be gone on Mac after this change
Compared to before when generating the executable).

Btw the  BUILD_JEXEC  in    make/launcher/Launcher-java.base.gmk     looks also a bit strange (similar issues as the jspawnhelper section).

Bug :


  webrev  jdk10 :


Please  review my change .

Thanks ,Matthias

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