[9] RfR: JDK-8175307: rpath macro needs to use an argument on macosx

David DeHaven david.dehaven at oracle.com
Tue Feb 21 16:36:03 UTC 2017

Please review this fairly trivial one line fix, the proposed patch is in the comments of the JBS issue, duplicated here for consistency:

diff --git a/common/autoconf/flags.m4 b/common/autoconf/flags.m4 
--- a/common/autoconf/flags.m4 
+++ b/common/autoconf/flags.m4 
@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@ 
         SHARED_LIBRARY_FLAGS="-dynamiclib -compatibility_version 1.0.0 -current_version 1.0.0 $PICFLAG" 
- SET_EXECUTABLE_ORIGIN='-Wl,-rpath, at loader_path/.' 
+ SET_EXECUTABLE_ORIGIN='-Wl,-rpath, at loader_path[$]1' 
       SET_SHARED_LIBRARY_NAME='-Wl,-install_name, at rpath/[$]1' 

Existing use of the macro for macosx do not provide an argument, this results in RPATH being set to @loader_path, which is fine. New use of the macro will be consistent with linux.


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