RTTI on Solaris/SPARC builds

Ioi Lam ioi.lam at oracle.com
Thu Feb 23 22:10:27 UTC 2017

I noticed that on Solaris/SPARC, RTTI is enabled in the JVM build. Is 
there any reason for it? Just curious.

This is what I got in dbx when looking at the first slot of a C++ vtable:

(dbx) print *(int**)(0xfffffffefa20bdd0)
*((int **) 18446744069316066768U) = 0xfffffffef9de5b78
(dbx) dis 0xfffffffef9de6050
0xfffffffef9de6050: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___       :  illtrap  0x0
0xfffffffef9de6054: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x0004:  illtrap  
0xfffffffef9de6058: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x0008:  illtrap  0x0
0xfffffffef9de605c: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x000c:  illtrap  0x0
0xfffffffef9de6060: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x0010:  illtrap  0x0
0xfffffffef9de6064: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x0014:  illtrap  
0xfffffffef9de6068: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x0018:  ldsb     
[%o7 - 3854], %g7
0xfffffffef9de606c: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x001c:  sethi 
%hi(0x7612ac00), %l1
0xfffffffef9de6070: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x0020:  ldstub   
[%i3 + 1076], %o4
0xfffffffef9de6074: __RTTI__1nFMyYYY4nMConstantPool___+0x0024:  be,a 

- Ioi

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