JarReorder and ensuing grep failing on Windows

Jeff Berkowitz jberkowitz at newrelic.com
Tue Mar 7 19:47:24 UTC 2017

Hi, I'm attempting to build OpenJDK on Windows 10 using VS 2010 Developer
Edition. I'm working in cygwin and have reviewed the docs and various blog
posts in an effort to "follow the rules".

My difficulty: around line 268 of CreateJars.gmk, the makefile runs a "grep
-e \.class ..." command intended to select lines from a list of jar file
names contained in a file. The build fails because this grep exits code 1
indicating that it matched no lines.

Further investigation shows the file contains lines like this:


With no ".class" extension on the file names.

We tried clearing the global Windows property "Hide files with known
extensions" but no help. I put quick hack in the file to stick ".class" on
the end of every line. The grep then matched some lines and exited code 0,
but other errors ensued. I could explore these, but understanding why none
of the filenames in the file were not matched (i.e. not in the expected
format) in the first place seems like a better approach.

I'm continuing to work on this but any help would be appreciated. Thanks so
much in advance.

Jeff Berkowitz
New Relic.

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