Choosing which Visual Studio installation to use

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at
Wed Feb 14 13:16:37 UTC 2018

On 02/14/2018 02:07 PM, Thomas Stüfe wrote:
>     Does it have to be Cygwin though?
> Yes. I love cygwin. You can put it into fullscreen and pretend you have a very slow Linux machine :) But seriously, it is very stable and mature, would not like at all to change my environment.

Yes, but, if I remember correctly, the problem is that anything built
with Cygwin always requires Cygwin to be present to be able to run.

You always have to carry the runtime around if I remember correctly.

>     On Windows I usually install the "git bash for Windows" package or whatever
>     it's called and it gives me a nice bash command prompt with a working git
>     and bash environment. You can then call the environment scripts from there.
> Can you do a full openjdk build with that?
I haven't tried OpenJDK. But in my previous company we did heavy Qt development
with git bash for Windows and any additional external libraries that were required
could usually be installed manually. It required some elbow grease, but at least
the resulting binaries were regular Win32 applications which didn't require any
particular runtime environment to be present except for the DLLs the binaries
were linked against.


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