[PATCH] (Title Corrected) Build fails to compile jchuff.c using gcc 4.8.5 on zLinux

Adam Farley8 adam.farley at uk.ibm.com
Wed Jan 17 14:07:10 UTC 2018

>> If this is the consensus, then perhaps we should consider setting
>> --disable-warnings-as-errors by default (in the code), rather than
>> depending on the user using an option which is not part of the formal
>> build instructions.

>I'm not sure why. 

Because the default build instructions don't work in this scenario, and
if all the effort to impliment a clone-config-make model was intended to 
encourage more users to attempt a local build (in order to try their hand
at a fixing a bug themselves or something) it makes sense to me to try
to maintain a scenario where OpenJDK can build to completion across a wide
variety of toolchains.

>Building OpenJDK from source isn't exactly something
>that is done by normal users. If someone is willing to hack on the 
>code base, I would assume they know about -Werror and similar options and
>how to control them.

I don't agree. Someone should not have to be familiar with gcc options in
order to fix a typo, or change some Java code. And besides, we have a 
and simple four-step build process (clone, get source, configure, make).
Why would we want people to have to fail their build and experiment with 
different options, when we can fix the problem right here and now.

>I mean, yes, you can change that to have -Werror turned off by default,
>but having the compiler complain less is usually a bad idea.

In general, yes. In this one compile it's breaking the build.

David suggested disabling this warning. The simplest way I see to do this 
is to change Awt2dLibraries.gmk.

The code is here:

$(eval $(call SetupNativeCompilation,BUILD_LIBJAVAJPEG, \
    LIBRARY := javajpeg, \

Switching the OPTIMIZATION to LOW will solve this at a stroke.

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Adam farley

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