[PATCH] (Title Corrected) Build fails to compile jchuff.c using gcc 4.8.5 on zLinux

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Wed Jan 17 15:44:35 UTC 2018

 > Switching the OPTIMIZATION to LOW will solve this at a stroke.

And regress performance for all platforms I expect in a case where 
performance matters ..
in order to work around a gcc bug ? I don't think so.

Disabling the specific error with the specific tool chain is the only 
acceptable option I can think of.

And bear in mind build-dev is not the keeper of the JPEG libraries. 
2d-dev is the right place.


On 1/17/18, 6:07 AM, Adam Farley8 wrote:
>>> If this is the consensus, then perhaps we should consider setting
>>> --disable-warnings-as-errors by default (in the code), rather than
>>> depending on the user using an option which is not part of the formal
>>> build instructions.
>> I'm not sure why.
> Because the default build instructions don't work in this scenario, and
> if all the effort to impliment a clone-config-make model was intended to
> encourage more users to attempt a local build (in order to try their hand
> at a fixing a bug themselves or something) it makes sense to me to try
> to maintain a scenario where OpenJDK can build to completion across a wide
> variety of toolchains.
>> Building OpenJDK from source isn't exactly something
>> that is done by normal users. If someone is willing to hack on the
> OpenJDK
>> code base, I would assume they know about -Werror and similar options and
>> how to control them.
> I don't agree. Someone should not have to be familiar with gcc options in
> order to fix a typo, or change some Java code. And besides, we have a
> clear
> and simple four-step build process (clone, get source, configure, make).
> Why would we want people to have to fail their build and experiment with
> different options, when we can fix the problem right here and now.
>> I mean, yes, you can change that to have -Werror turned off by default,
>> but having the compiler complain less is usually a bad idea.
> In general, yes. In this one compile it's breaking the build.
> David suggested disabling this warning. The simplest way I see to do this
> is to change Awt2dLibraries.gmk.
> The code is here:
> $(eval $(call SetupNativeCompilation,BUILD_LIBJAVAJPEG, \
>      LIBRARY := javajpeg, \
>      SRC := $(LIBJAVAJPEG_SRC), \
> Switching the OPTIMIZATION to LOW will solve this at a stroke.
> Best Regards
> Adam farley
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