build number for a jdk-*-ga tag?

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Apr 1 09:38:22 UTC 2019

When preparing packages for Debian/Ubuntu for openjdk-12, I was using versions
derived from the jdk-12+<n> tags (e.g. 12~31, 12~32, ...). Using the tilde
meaning "less than/earlier than 12).  What build number should a build from the
jdk-12-ga get?   Asking because my packaging choose to set the build number to
an empty string, which is accepted by configure, but then later fails the build
because an empty macro is passed instead of an empty string.

For now I choose 12.0.0+0 (build number 0) to mark the final release and
resetting the build number to 0.  So I have 12~32-1 < 12.0.0+0-1 < 12.0.1+1-1.
Maybe not that important as this initial 12 release is usually very short lived.


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