Add a suggestion for non-English locale of Linux in the test doc

Jing Tian jingtian at
Tue Apr 16 08:10:43 UTC 2019

Thank you for your suggestions. I have reworked the documentation and I 
think this is a prudent approach so far. Regarding the other seven test 
cases, I will continue to find out why they can't pass the test.


Jing Tian

在 2019/4/15 23:24, naoto.sato at 写道:
> As for the wording, I'd suggest "Non-US Locale" instead of 
> "Non-English." Some tests may depend on US customary behavior, such as 
> date format, decimal separator, etc.
> Naoto
> On 4/15/19 6:59 AM, Erik Joelsson wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Documenting this is certainly the least we can do. If our tests 
>> depend on the locale being set to en_US, then I think the best action 
>> would be to provide such a configuration directly in RunTests.gmk. 
>> Exporting LANG should work for all Unix OSes, but most likely not on 
>> Windows. The extra VM_OPTIONS would fix most of them it seems. Would 
>> it be worth investigating the remaining 7 and get them fixed?
>> In the meantime, documenting seems prudent. I would suggest something 
>> like this:
>> ### Non-English Locale
>> If your locale is non-English, some tests are likely to fail. To work 
>> around this you can set the locale to English. On Unix platforms 
>> simply setting `LANG=en_US` in the environment before running tests 
>> should work. On Windows, setting 
>> `JTREG="VM_OPTIONS=-Duser.language=en"` helps for 
>> most, but not all test cases.
>> /Erik
>> On 2019-04-14 20:28, Jing Tian wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We have discussed the issue of the test cases fail because of locale 
>>> before[1].
>>> Thanks for the suggestions given by Naoto and David. I think we can 
>>> put this advice in the test doc, which may be better for people to 
>>> test. This advice can avoid the problem that caused by locale and we 
>>> can pay more attention to the functional points that the test itself 
>>> focuses on.
>>> Set JTREG="VM_OPTIONS=-Duser.language=en" , it 
>>> does pass most test cases, but there are still very few test cases(7 
>>> in total) can't pass the test when they are in a non-English locale.
>>> I think if 'make test' in a non-English locale, we can set the 
>>> locale to English first. Use 'export LANG="en_US"'. But this method 
>>> is just for Linux. I test "tier1 tier2 tier3" after setting 
>>> LANG="en_US". The problems caused by the local settings have not 
>>> appeared anymore.
>>> JBS:
>>> Webrev:
>>> The testing.html is updated automatically using "make 
>>> update-build-docs" with pandoc version 2.7.2.
>>> [1] 
>>> <> 
>>> Cheers,
>>> Jing Tian

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