strange reconfigure issue

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Fri Apr 19 09:59:02 UTC 2019

On 4/19/19 11:54 AM, Maurizio Cimadamore wrote:
> Hi,
> after Panama merged with upstream yesterday, many developers reported an issue with make reconfigure
> which fails with this message:
> configure: Current directory is <USER_DIR>
> configure: Since this is not the source root, configure will output the configuration here
> configure: (as opposed to creating a configuration in <src_root>/build/<conf-name>).
> configure: However, this directory is not empty. This is not allowed, since it could
> configure: seriously mess up just about everything.
> This message seems bogus because we're just running make reconfigure from the JDK top dir, but for
> some reason the makefile is going and look in our home folders, and then failing to take action
> (thankfully!).
> To resolve the issue a full 'sh configure' was necessary. In my case I believe I also needed to
> close the terminal window and start over, but it's possible that's placebo.
> After the remediation steps, even `make reconfigure` works as expected.
> Was there a recent change (e.g. in the last week or so) introduced in this area which might have
> caused a lingering issue?

I *think* it happened after this fix:

In all cases I encountered, full configure helped. No need to restart terminals or such.


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