RFR: [8u] Build failed on Ubuntu 18.04 due to deprecated-declarations warnings

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Thu Mar 21 10:12:32 UTC 2019

On 3/20/19 3:53 PM, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> On 19/03/2019 15:09, Martin Buchholz wrote:
>> Probably it's because glibc deprecated readdir, and we don't have
>> --disable-warnings-as-errors by default?
>> (I think warnings should not be errors except as opt-in by openjdk
>> developers/maintainers)
> I agree

I'm pretty sure that -Wall should never be used with -Werror, because
-Wall is a grab bag of unconnected warnings. The official doc is "all
the warnings about constructions that some users consider
questionable, and that are easy to avoid (or modify to prevent the

So, I think that warnings-as-errors makes sense, but not in
conjunction with -Wall. I guess no-one wants to start the bikeshed
discussion about which warnings should be on, though.

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