PROPOSAL: Multiline strings

rssh at rssh at
Sat Feb 28 22:50:41 PST 2009

1. Since we have non-empty discussion, I setup wiki with current proposal
('new string literals instead multiline strings (?)')
  and will try to track all changes as issues.

> Alternatively, you could have a special syntax where 4 quotes strips
> out leading whitespace on each line:
Added as issue #161 (

Personally I have no any 'pro' and 'consa' at all. I. e. may be it can be
useful in some context, may be not.
(Add some type of voting ?)

> Or you could use the C++ style?

 Ohh, With my experience in maintance C++ systems, this is evil.

> Frankly, to me, the big win would actually not be multiline literals,
> but would be escaped String literals.  I'm sick of writing all of my
> regexps with twice as many \ characters as they need.

 Added to proposal. (If you will agree, I also will add you to list of

> Jeremy

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