Proposal: Automatic Resource Management

Xavi Miró xmirog at
Wed Mar 4 21:49:29 PST 2009

I like the simplicity of Josh' solution, the rule of throwing the most 
important exception (the first) and silent the others, using an 
interface whose method close simply throws Exception...For the Java 
source code I've been writing for the last 10 years it would fit 100%, I 
can't remember any "corner case" where it wouldn't fit well, but of 
course if we can apply this solution to more use cases without losing 
much simplicity, that would be perfect.

For me, using a modifier like finally would also be acceptable.

I would love to have this ARM proposal in Java 7!


Stephen Colebourne wrote:
>  > interface Disposable {
>  > 	void close() throws Exception;
>  > }
>  > interface Destroyable {
>  > 	void dispose() throws Exception;
>  > }
>  > interface Kloseable {
>  > 	void destroy() throws Exception;
>  > }
> Er, no. If its to be an interface it needs to be just one.
> A single interface - Disposable defining close() covers most use cases, 
> and API writers would adapt in the future.
>> public finally void release() { ... }
> I think this works well, and opens up more options. Are there any 
> specific grammer objections?
> It would be possible to add a marker interface Finally which enforces 
> the presence of the finally modifier, but that seems to have little 
> obvious benefit, and be a bit magical.
> Stephen

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