Proposal: Automatic Resource Management

Vilya Harvey vilya.harvey at
Mon Mar 9 10:55:39 PDT 2009

2009/3/9 Tim Peierls <tim at>

> And yes, this will frustrate designers of new resource-ish types who want
> ARM support but for whom "close" is not at all the appropriate verb. But
> designers of new types are at least free to design abstractions that aren't
> as delicate in their clean-up requirements as the current crop of
> Closeables.

Just as a data point, the equivalent to this in Python - the with block -
uses the method names __enter__ and __exit__ (you can ignore the double
underscore, that's just a Python convention).

I joined this mailing list too late to see the proposal when it was posted;
does it include calling any kind of setup method on entering the block? If
not, this may be worth considering as well?

BTW, is there anywhere online where I can read the proposal?


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