Feedback and comments on ARM proposal - resend

Roel Spilker r.spilker at
Tue Mar 10 01:59:51 PDT 2009

Having the addSuppressedException  and getSuppressedExceptions would indeed
allow java to add the Exception from the try-block to the one from the
finally-block in existing code.

Are you suggesting that for each try-finally block (and I mean the current
ones) the programmer should have the possibility to declare if the
try-exception of the finally-exception is leading, defaulting to the

> Moreover, it only addresses a small part of the problem.  Every
> try-finally block in which one exception propagates out of the try
> block and another from the finally block causes the exception from the
> try block to be discarded, whether the try-finally is a result of
> attempting to manage a true-resource-with-close, to manage a resource
> that doesn't quite match what this proposal supports, or for any other
> reason.  Given the narrow applicability of the proposed construct, I
> would hope to see at least some attempt to address the underlying
> problem.

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