PROPOSAL: Method and Field Literals

Patrick Wright pdoubleya at
Wed Mar 11 00:44:07 PDT 2009

>> The proposal uses java.lang.reflect.Field and java.lang.reflect.Method,
>> I would prefer java.lang.reflect.Property and java.dyn.MethodHandle.
>> (with java.lang.reflect.Property a pair of method handles (getter/setter)).

I agree that MethodHandle[1] may well be a better option. As far as I
understand the MH and related work (for the InvokeDynamic JSR),
invocation through a MethodHandle should be much faster than via
Method and standard reflection.

Personally, I find # a little ugly. I realize this is used within
JavaDoc, but I personally don't read a lot of raw JD so am not used to
it. I don't have an alternative to suggest but I hope someone else
does :).


among other docs, try googling

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