PROPOSAL: Method and Field Literals

Mark Mahieu markmahieu at
Wed Mar 11 03:21:59 PDT 2009

Yes, as I recall the reaction to the use of '#' was very positive when it
was suggested by FCM, and later adopted by BGGA.  I certainly don't remember
there being very many complaints about it.
MethodHandles may well deserve syntactic support from the language, but if
so there are other choices which don't already have precedent in Java.


2009/3/11 Roel Spilker <r.spilker at>

> I think we SHOULD use the hash symbol, BECAUSE it is already used in
> Javadoc.
> The hash symbol is already used in Javadoc for method and fields, so
> > we shouldn't apply it to something else.
> >
> >

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