Coin Considerations

Mark Mahieu markmahieu at
Sat Mar 14 16:39:22 PDT 2009

Hi Florian,

On 14 Mar 2009, at 23:20, Florian Weimer wrote:
>     The "!= null" part is there to make it possible to signal to the
>     cleanup handler that the object has changed ownership.  Assignment
>     to the variable does not trigger cleanup, cleanup only happens at
>     scope exit.

I toyed with this idea a while back when I was messing around with  
the predecessor to Josh Bloch's current ARM proposal (presumably  
you've seen that?).  I didn't think it pulled its weight to be  
honest, in the context of ARM anyway.

>     Annotation-controlled overlading is used instead of an interface
>     because the existing cleanup routines have a myriad of different
>     names and declare different checked exceptions, too.  If there are
>     multiple @Cleanup methods for a type, a warning should be issued
>     if this happens through inheritance (old code which needs to be
>     ported), or an error if there are multiple such methods declared
>     in the same type (erroneous new code).  In both cases, if such a
>     type is used in a transient local variable declaration, the
>     declaration is rejected.

For better or worse, using annotations for these purposes is off limits.



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