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Marek Kozieł develop4lasu at
Sat Mar 14 19:18:28 PDT 2009

2009/3/10 Joshua Bloch <jjb at>

> Roel,
> There were several reasons.  The main reason was that we wanted the
> for-each
> loop to be side-effect free.  Had we allowed Iterators, two consecutive
> for-each statements on the same Iterator would have been legal, but would
> have had very different semantics from two consecutive for-each statements
> over the same Iterable.  The former would have traversed the collection
> once, while the latter traversed it twice.  We thought this might lead to
> bugs.  Also it allowed us to avoid the issue of what to do if the object to
> be iterated over implemented both Iterable and Iterator.  There were people
> on the expert group who argued to allow Iterator, but in the end it was
> decided we decided that it was best not to support it.
>     Regards,
>     Josh

When you give the reason it's much easier to find some logic answer.

After some thoughts:
We could introduce *while-each* loop ;) just for iterators, while now I
agree with you that for-each loop should be iterator free.

Is that my imagination or now time the problem are proportions in comfort
and complexity in language?

Pozdrowionka. / Regards.
Lasu aka Marek Kozieł

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