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Reinier Zwitserloot reinier at
Sun Mar 15 02:12:26 PDT 2009

No, you can do this within project coin, I think:

If there's one top-level member, or there are many, but only one is  
public (there can't be more than one public), that's the one that gets  
the real annotation. Any spin-off classes (e.g. a $1 or whatnot, or a  
top-level package-private) get a @SourceRef annotation, which contains  
a class literal that does contain the full source (the public top- 
level member).

That covers virtually all source files.

For the remaining files, which would pretty much boil down to a bunch  
of package private classes bundled up into one source file (a  
situation eclipse couldn't even handle until eclipse 3.0, which should  
go a ways to indicate how rare that is), Pick one: just toss the full  
source on each and every file, -or-, pick a random one (probably: 'the  
first member in the compilationunit') and put @SourceRef on all the  
other ones. It's sufficiently rare that I doubt it matters.

For files that have no source members at all, there are no class files  
either (, do have significance but  
don't produce class files AFAIK, any other .java file with 0 members  
in it is by definition empty, other than comments, and wouldn't do  
anything at all), so no @Source or @SourceRef needed.

  --Reinier Zwitserloot

On Mar 15, 2009, at 03:43, Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Neal Gafter wrote:
>> On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 10:47 AM, Dalibor Topic <Dalibor.Topic at 
>> > wrote:
>>> Dumping the entire source code
>>> for a file rather then subsets has the advantage that correct  
>>> licensing,
>>> javadoc and attribution information could trivially travel along  
>>> with
>>> the generated binary class file.
>> Dalibor-
>> There is currently no way to place an annotation on a "source file".
>> You could only annotate the individual classes found within it.  In
>> that case, I would think it surprising to find that the annotation
>> contains source for all the classes, imports, and comments in the  
>> same
>> source file.
> Thanks, Neal - that's a very good point. Would Package be a more  
> useful
> target for it?
> cheers,
> dalibor topic
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