Proposal: Embedded Expressions for String Statements

Stefan Schulz schulz at
Sun Mar 15 15:05:53 PDT 2009

I'm sorry the examples were a bit uninspired, it was a first cast to get 
  it discussed. Maybe, the example given by Neal fits much better to 
make the (admittedly) small benefits of the change a bit more clear. 
Moreover, I think, especially multi-line Strings would benefit from 
embedding expressions (but of course, neither depends on the other).

Jeremy Manson schrieb:
> On the flip side, I'm not a big fan of \{ as a delimiter.  It seems to
> me that there should be a way to unify the general desire for better
> String handling (escaped Strings, multi-line Strings, embedded
> expressions).  Can we colonize the ` (back-tick) character and start
> Strings over again from scratch?

I was just about to propose using the backtick for escape-free Strings, 
but then again, it might be possible to use the same (or a similar) 
notation for expressions as for escape sequences.
In other languages, I could find no unifying solution but seperate ones 
for the String features, like choosable quoting characters (leading by 
%, e.g. %/some string/) and multi-line definition (introduced by "\ 
followed by a new-line).

The question is, if a unifying proposal will be possible that still fits 
as a small change into Coin. So I'd rather first like to see all the 
proposals or features in a small specification and then maybe join them 
into one bigger proposal.


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