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Mon Mar 16 12:55:54 PDT 2009

Reinier Zwitserloot wrote:
> No, you can do this within project coin, I think:
> If there's one top-level member, or there are many, but only one is  
> public (there can't be more than one public), that's the one that gets  
> the real annotation. Any spin-off classes (e.g. a $1 or whatnot, or a  
> top-level package-private) get a @SourceRef annotation, which contains  
> a class literal that does contain the full source (the public top- 
> level member).
> That covers virtually all source files.

Yeah, but that would now require two annotations instead of one, making
it a bit more complex.

Thinking a but further about the idea, I don't think I would really want 
to have to tell my compiler one or more times in each source file that I 
want its contents stored. I'd much rather pass a flag to it to do it for 
all compilation units at once. That would turn the idea from a small 
language change proposal, into a small javac patch proposal.

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