String literals in Java 7: version 1.2

rssh at rssh at
Wed Mar 18 03:53:48 PDT 2009

> The things I miss in Java strings are:
> 1. Embedding expressions, e.g. in JavaFX you can write "The answer is
> {answer ? "Yes" : "No"}". In the example the part inside the {} is
> evaluated and replaced by its value, if that value isn't a string then
> it is converted to a string automatically.

Simple case - works now.
 boolean x = true;
 String answer = (x ? "yes" : "no");

Complex case:
Create special syntax for template processing inside strings - I guess
this can be a library issue.
We have jsr223. May be good ideaa is adding helper methods, which process
string via choosed language interptreter, i.e.
 .... but - from other side  we can't receive binding between names and
values automatically for now.

So, will think.  For me, approach is interesting, but I have more
questions than answers.

> 2. Easy internationalisation, e.g. in JavaFX you can write
> ##"Favourites" and the compiler internationalises your code and
> creates a properties file which you then edit for the different
> locales ("Favourites" = "Favorites")

I guess this can be nice small new proposal, if think about ## as not part
of literal, but unary operator.

Btw - interessting, why nobody fire 'simple operator overloading' proposal
yet ?

> I am not saying that your other extensions to Java Strings are not
> good suggestions, just that I miss these more. It would also be nice
> to be similar to JavaFX, since the two are likely to be used together.

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