Proposal: Enhanced String constructs for Java

Felix Frost felixf977 at
Wed Mar 18 08:22:48 PDT 2009

 I liek nu proposal betterz.  We kittehs r gud, we'z found  Glad u'z enjoy mah poposal!


-Felx Frost
Kitteh Prograhamer
LOLcode Expert

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Andy Tripp <openjdk at> wrote:

> Felix,
> One major disadvantage you didn't mention is the addition of keywords.
> This could be either a huge show-stopper issue or a complete non-issue,
> depending on the reputation of the proposal submitter.
> You should either mention this disadvantage, or simply say that you
> don't think it seems to be an issue, like this:
> Andy ;)

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