Proposal: Embedded Expressions for String Statements

Stefan Schulz schulz at
Sat Mar 21 02:27:00 PDT 2009

Hm, no, not yet. If such Strings reside in a resource file, they 
obviusly cannot be handled by the compiler (as any constructed or 
externalized String wouldn't be). So one would still need to "evaluate" 
the localized String, passing the required context (i.e. variable 
bindings) to the evaluation routine. One could offer the parsing part 
the compiler is using as utility, though.
In script languages like PHP, there is a system function "eval", which 
automatically binds all visible variables to the evaluation process. I 
am not sure whether such an approach would be viable in Java.


Mark Mahieu schrieb:
> Hi Stefan,
> Do you have any thoughts about how this new form of String might be 
> internationalized?
> Mark

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