Proposal: @Unloadable Class defination

Tom Hawtin Thomas.Hawtin at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 24 13:07:28 PDT 2009

Daniel Cheng wrote:

> Developer may define some class as @Unloadable can be unloaded when needed.
> Currently, VM are not allow to unload Class with reachable
> ClassLoader, this is required for "static variable" to be keep. But
> this means Class have to keep in memory even if the class is rarely
> used. Sometimes, the value static variable can be recreated at any
> time,

I'm not entirely sure what you intend this to be used for.

Do you want normal pieces of application code unloaded?

Do you want large blobs of static data to be unloaded? In which case 
don't you want more fine control over that?

Do you want small pieces of generated code to be unloaded? Perhaps 
individual class loaders are more appropriate.

Tom Hawtin

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