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Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 24 16:17:11 PDT 2009

rssh at wrote:
>>      * Strings in switch, Joe Darcy
>>      * Improved Exception Handling for Java, Neal Gafter
>>      * Automatic Resource Management, Josh Bloch
>>      * Improved Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation,
>>        Jeremy Manson
>>      * Elvis and Other Null-Safe Operators,
>>        Written by Neal Gafter and submitted by Stephen Colebourne
>>      * Simplified Varargs Method Invocation, Bob Lee
>  ......
>> scope of the changes.  The email list should focus on improving the
>> selected proposals and on getting any remaining new proposals submitted;
>> continued discussion of the other proposals is discouraged.
>> The final list of small language changes will be determined after the
>> call for proposals is over so proposals sent in this week are certainly
>> still in the running!
> So, as I understood:
>  - work for improving enhanced strings literals proposal will be useless,
> it's finally rejected in project coin (?),[ so will wait for java 7.1 or
> later with them]

Correct; enhanced strings literals will not be one of the final language 
change selections of Project Coin.

>  -  improving proposal about access to compile-time information about
> local context can have some sence (?)

Given the existing capabilities of annotation processors, I don't think 
the proposed API is necessary or desirable.

> For other proposals which are not accepted and interesting for me:
>  Are exists change that naming parameters proposal will be in short list ?

Method resolution is one of the most complicated aspects of the Java 
Language Specification; adding another wrinkle to the selection process 
is quite a tricky undertaking.  I don't think that change as a good 
cost/benefit trade off.


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